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Revolutionize your home workouts, elevate your teaching style & expand your wellness business with 21 days of Pilates in Paradise. SHEBEAST founder Christina Stoltz has bundled 15 years of experience as a researcher, lecturer, trainer & studio owner into one mind-blowing syllabus that  combines mindfulness meditation, strength & physique training, and myofascial release techniques to  improve your overall health & athletic performance, to advance your professional capacity as a trainer or therapist & to provide you with a competitive edge in the business of health & wellness. 

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on the hottest equipment ...
on the hottest equipment ...

Tired of the basic, outdated, overpriced & awkwardly sized Pilates Reformers on the market, Christina traveled around the world to build her own. What she invented is the hippest, hottest & smartest machine to hit the home gym scene. Sustainable, customizable, portable, and (most of all) affordable, Christina's "Custom Classic" & "Green Machine" represent the future of fitness - a sleek & sophisticated return to beauty, simplicity & functionality. Her exclusive eco-friendly equipment is designed to literally make the world a better, brighter place & to reflect the cool character of anyone ballsy enough to take it for a ride.

in the sexiest location.
in the sexiest location.

Bali is hot. There is no denying this island is chock full of the exact God/Goddess vibes you've been craving (especially now). It's time to feel yourself, my friend ... to bask in the lavish absurdity of your own "Eat, Pray, Love" experience. Let the creative energy of Bali's spiritual epicenter Ubud flow through you.  Revel in the gritty excitement of Canggu's beach vibe as hot bikers, boarders & surf ninjas whiz by (best eye candy ever). Play the day away in crystal blue water & warm white sand on the shores of Uluwatu. All work & no play ain't no way to live - that's why Christina added killer excursions to her awesome syllabus.


Join us March 7-28th for 21 days of sun, fun & good ol' fashioned sweat. Our 200HR Immersion features the world's first Green Pilates Machine, designed by SHEBEAST Founder Christina Stoltz & handcrafted in Bali. Take a ride on the wild side.

Welcome to Pilates in Paradise

Ten years in the making, this 21-Day Pilates Reformer Training in Bali Indonesia is designed to kick some serious ass. SHEBEAST Founder Christina Stoltz has been working toward this goal for over 15 years, amassing countless fitness certifications & expanding her health & wellness credentials with the ultimate goals of designing her own online Pilates education program & distributing her own line of smart, sexy & sustainable Pilates equipment worldwide. 

After owning a wildly successful studio in Philadelphia for over eight years, Christina packed up shop & relocated to Bali on what seemed like a crazy whim - a "quarter-life crisis". You know those wild dreams you have late at night about forging your own path in the world & trailblazing a new frontier for others? Well she did just that. Faith-filled and unrelentingly determined, Christina moved to Bali to study meditation for 800 hours in the jungle & to begin chipping away at her dream, one product design at a time.

Despite countless & crippling obstacles in a soul-crushing global climate, Christina accomplished the unthinkable - she built not one, but two, eco-friendly Pilates machines complete with a turnkey workout+wellness subscription designed to grow, expand &  advance the practice of Pilates for people from all walks of life, anywhere in the world. Portable, customizable & completely sustainable, Christina's eco-friendly equipment has revolutionized the industry, taking Pilates out of the studio & bringing it directly to you, at home & on the go. Designed with the digital nomad in mind, her reformers even come with a TSA-approved travel bag.

It's time to take back our physical freedom, indulge our intellectual curiosity & meet amazing new people. Let's learn & grow & play & sweat on the Island of the Gods. Let's test drive Christina's new ride & redefine the style & scope of Pilates as a personal wellness practice, functional movement modality & therapeutic recovery tool. Live your best life while transforming your Pilates practice on the hottest new equipment in the world's sexiest location. Together, let's change the game.

Christina built it & she wants you to come - every day, in every way. Bali brought her back to life. Let it do the same for you. 

Packing My Bags for a Damn Good Time

Hell yes it's time for me to get outta the house & back into my groove. I'm ready to reconnect with the world, meet amazing new people, learn from the best in the biz & help lead a green fitness revolution. Let's do this, baby. I was born ready.

meet your fearless leader, christina stoltz

With over 15 years of experience as a university educator, personal trainer, studio owner & green product designer, Christina has prepared an incredible "fitness-meets-social-justice" syllabus designed to teach you a thing or two about Pilates, business & growing your own socially & ecologically sustainable wellness practice (at home & in the studio).

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Christina's Press & Professional Affiliates ...

what's included in the training?

WEEK 1: Pelvic Anatomy & Breathwork
WEEK 1: Pelvic Anatomy & Breathwork

Combine fluid mathwork with sequential breathing & applied anatomy on Christina's custom Pilates Reformers to cultivate a grounding hybrid practice that marries Eastern wellness principles with Western movement philosophies. This week is dedicated to exploring your pelvis & spine through movement & meditation. By doing so, you will develop the practical knowledge you need to bring classical & contemporary Pilates sequences to life. Christina's exercise breakdowns, sensory cues & movement modifications will help you master the method.

Week 2: Intensive Reformer Training
Week 2: Intensive Reformer Training

Expand your Pilates practice or hybrid Pilates instruction with a thorough examination of the Pilates Reformer, its anatomical functions & its advanced applications. This week explores the Reformer's full potential as a performance, prevention & recovery tool for use in home gym, commercial studio & therapeutic office settings. Christina's Reformer Biomechanics are designed to optimize your equipment experience & bolster your anatomical approach to sequencing your own workouts, teaching private clients & supporting communities in need.


Week 3: Muscle Release & Recovery
Week 3: Muscle Release & Recovery

Properly caring for your body before & after a sweat session is paramount to optimizing your performance & speeding your recovery. Too often trainers & trainings skip this in their workouts &  their syllabae to "get to the good stuff". But this is the good stuff. Healing the body requires a keen understanding of the symptoms that cause it pain. Preventing those symptoms from occurring in the first place is the key to unlocking your athletic potential. Learn the techniques for which Christina is famous as a prehab, rehab, prenatal, postpartum & pelvic floor specialist. 

I'm toe-dipping, help me dive in

Every aspect of this training has been personally developed, designed, tested & revamped by SHEBEAST Founder Christina Stoltz to ensure that your educational experience is not only game changing, but also life affirming. After spending over 15 years studying & teaching mindfulness meditation, functional movement & applied biomechanics around the world, Christina has dedicated her career to completely reshaping the health & wellness ecosystem in which we strengthen our minds, bodies & (in turn) our communities. 

Imagine the Reformer on which you rely to build the strongest version of yourself is handcrafted in paradise by the most skilled natural builders using only sustainable, locally sourced & eco-friendly materials to guarantee that your personal wellness experience honors the Earth, protects the environment &  celebrates the uniqueness of you. Then, imagine using the knowledge you gain from participating in this training to provide the same TLC to others by helping them become as strong as you now are & live as sustainably as you now do.

This 21-day Pilates Reformer Training is as much about mindset as it is about movement - it's a chance for you to show yourself what you're really made of, to discover the person you've got the potential to become & to step wholeheartedly into the best, brightest, boldest version of yourself (without fear, judgement, or apology). Christina took her biggest chance on Bali in a giant leap of faith by following her heart to achieve her dream of changing the world. If she can do it, so can you. Together, anything is possible ... especially in paradise.

Learn from the best in the business, from a fearless female entrepreneur who has helped people all over the world -  from the US, Russia & throughout Central Asia - transform their bodies and master their minds in the most challenging circumstances and during the most trying times. Let Christina's myriad of experiences in health & wellness inform your personal practice, movement philosophy & business MO. This training will not only transform your understanding of Pilates as a principle movement modality, but it will also minimize your ecological footprint as a Pilates practitioner, help you expand your business without increasing your overhead & position you as a thought leader at the forefront of the green fitness revolution. 

Practice in paradise. Learn from the best. Take home the world's first green machine (FYI - Christina's portable Reformers are designed for international travel & come with a TSA-approved travel case). You literally got this in the bag.


200 Hours of Workouts & Wellness in Paradise | Digital Training Manual to Educate You Online | Exclusive Pilates Reformers Handcrafted in Bali | Featuring The World's First Green Pilates Machine | 21 Days of Sun, Fun & Exciting Excursions


Don't let life pass you by without fighting like hell for all the excitement, adventure & education you desire and deserve.

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oh baby, I like it raw.

Introducing the world's first Green Pilates Machine, designed by Christina Stoltz & handcrafted in Bali. Not only can you take this bad boy for a spin during the training, you can also preorder one to take home when it ends. Complete with a TSA-Approved travel case, Christina's portable, customizable & sustainable Green Machine is literally ready to roll.

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Saving the World A Reformer at a time

Save $500 When Your Preorder Your Green Machine by Jan. 1st

Save $500 When Your Preorder Your Green Machine by Jan. 1st

The Green Machine is the world's first sustainable Pilates Reformer made from natural & recycled materials by the most skilled craftsmen in Bali. It's portable, customizable & designed with the digital nomad in mind (... It comes with its very own TSA-approved travel case).

The Green Machine is smart, sexy & exclusive. You've got to participate in our Bali training in order to workout on this bad boy or buy your very own machine.

Preorder The Green Machine by January 1st, 2020 and save $500 off the regular price of $3950 USD.

BTW: This discount only applies if you are actively enrolled in our Pilates Training. Let Christina transform your Pilates practice on the hottest new equipment in the world's sexiest location.


As as added bonus, enjoy 90 days of free workouts+wellness delivered directly to your inbox. Your ALL ACCESS PASS includes unlimited studio classes & LIVE online workouts,  daily nutrition coaching emails & weekly wellness hacks curated by SHEBEAST Founder Christina Stoltz from over 10 years of Q&A with clients & colleagues about everything from sex ed to skin care. 

Meditation • Yoga • Pilates • Strength Training • Myofascial Release • Nutrition • Skin Care • Sex Ed • Cool Cardio 

Digital Studio Bali features our exclusive Pilates Reformers, designed by Christina Stoltz and handcrafted in Indonesia. Order yours today and we will customize your ride to compliment your killer style. The cherry on top: we offer free worldwide shipping.

Don't have your own Pilates Reformer? Don's sweat it. Our workout+wellness subscription offers equipment-free options so you can rock a serious sweat anytime, anywhere ... with nothing but yo' fine self & fierce attitude. 

Our Studio Subscription ain't some "BS-one-size-fits-all-basic-AF-pre-taped-workout" archive. Get ready to put your back into it.

30 Minute Performance Workout

This strength training sequence will boost your metabolism, crush your cardio & provide you with the endurance training you need to keep your body tight & right. It features our exclusive Green Machine, the world's first eco-friendly  & sustainable Pilates Reformer designed by Christina Stoltz & handcrafted in Bali.

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30 Minute recovery workout

Optimize your athletic performance & speed your muscular recovery with this hybrid pre/rehab routine designed to balance your body's natural alignment & correct compensatory movement patterns. Take a ride on the wild side with our Green Machine, exclusively available to our Reformer Training participants.

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Transform your Pilates practice on the hottest new equipment in the world's sexiest location. Our Reformer Training is designed not only for international travelers, but also for Bali-based locals (aka "boules"). Can't leave home? We've created a live & interactive online version of this training that you can complete from anywhere in the world.

Let's Work It Out


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sweats & sunsets Await you

Save $500 off our Pilates Reformer Training when you book your Boule, Out-Of-Towner, or Corona-Me-Crazy package before January 1st, 2021. Whether on the beaches of Bali or on your bedroom floor, this 200HR training will blow your hair back.

save $500 off your certification

Three Reasons Why You Gotta Say Yes

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Transformation takes time. Give yourself 21 days of meditation, mindful movement & community connection to unwind from the daily grind, to build a practice you absolutely love & to reconnect with that part of yourself you leave at the bottom of your to-do list. Manifest your own greatness, baby.

Evolve Your MOVEMENT Practice

Learn how to crush your wellness goals without relying on someone else to get you there. Optimize your athletic performance by adding our customizable & portable Pilates Reformers to your daily workout routine, at home & on the go. Now, you can sweat it out at your pace & on your terms.

Show Yourself Some INTELLIGENT TLC
Show Yourself Some INTELLIGENT TLC

Be your biggest advocate. Be your own boss. Be of service to others. Take control of your mind & body by developing the skills you need to stay balanced, prevent injury & speed recovery. This training teaches you how to consciously care for yourself so you can, in turn, care for your clients & community.


I've known Christina a long time and she's kept me at the top of my game. ~ Martin


I've never felt so strong and sexy ... and I just had a baby. ~ Brooke


I lift heavy and train hard, but this chick (Christina) takes it to a whole new level. ~ Mike

i feel fly.

Christina knows how to kick your ass, up your game and rock your body. ~ Bianca

Got Questions? We've got ya covered.

Q: I don't practice Pilates but I'd like to start. Is this training only for instructors and/or experienced Pilates practitioners or can anyone enroll?

A: This Pilates Reformer Training is designed to educate & inspire beginners & experts alike. SHEBEAST Founder Christina Stoltz has prepared a revolutionary syllabus that blends applied biomechanics, sustainable self-care & functional movement into a synergistic flow, integrating mind-body wellness with wholistic health education. Whether you're looking to explore Pilates as a movement modality, advance your current Pilates practice, elevate your health & wellness coaching, or exponentially grow your existing fitness business, this 200-hour Pilates certification program will give you the skills you need to achieve your goals.

Q: Can men enroll in this training? Is this primarily a "woman thing"?

A: All gender identities are welcome to participate in this program. Men are among those with the most to gain from this training, since male-dominated sports (like American Football and Rugby) often result in pelvic-related & spinal-related injuries. SHEBEAST Founder Christina Stoltz has worked with countless men who suffer from sports hernias & other training-related ailments that have negatively impacted their athletic performance. Weight lifters, competitive athletes, personal trainers & physical therapists are encouraged to begin applying Pilates principles to their prehab & rehab protocols. After all, Pilates is  - first & foremost - a method movement of the spine with a focus on the core. If you're looking to dominate the game & crush the competition, you should be practicing Christina's version of Pilates ... period.

Q: What about COVID-19? Is this training happening no matter what, or should we expect postponements and delays?

A: F&*! that noise. As a training cohort, we are in this together & we will not be stopped. Our Pilates Reformer Training is designed to work in-person & online so we can move forward uninterrupted by the Universe's shifting plans. If VOA (Visas on Arrival) are not available for international travelers at the time of the training, SHEBEAST will host "social-culture visas" for all training participants which guarantee your entry into Indonesia upon arrival in Bali. In short, SHEBEAST Founder Christina Stoltz has taken every precaution & followed every protocol to ensure that this training not only pops off without a hitch, but also delivers you happy & healthy to the Island of the Gods. 

Q: Explain this "custom Pilates equipment" thing to me? Are we working out on something new? Do we get to take it home?

A: Hell yes! Enrolling in this Pilates Reformer Training means you are working out on the hottest new equipment to hit the home gym scene. SHEBEAST Founder Christina Stoltz has designed & developed her own line of customizable, portable & sustainable Pilates Reformers which make their public debut in Bali during this training. As a training participant, you are welcome to preorder your own machine and, by doing so, save $500 off its regular retail price. Christina's "Custom Classic" and "Green Machine" are made with the digital nomad in mind & come complete with their own TSA-approved travel case so you can literally take your practice with you wherever you go. Buy your SHEBEAST Reformer before, during, or after our training. We'll customize your ride & ship it to you for free (b/c we are just that awesome).

Can't nobody hold me down ~ puffy

You paid to play ... so let's punch that dance card. Our Pilates Reformer Training is designed to work in-person & online so we can move forward together uninterrupted by the Universe's shifting plans.

If VOA (Visas on Arrival) are not available for international travelers at the time of the training, SHEBEAST will host "social-culture visas" for all training participants which guarantee your entry into Indonesia upon arrival in Bali.

If the world returns to lockdown in this global game of red-light-green-light, SHEBEAST will offer all international travelers the option to exchange their in-person Bali training for the online experience. Those who opt into the online training will be mailed a SHEBEAST Reformer, the Custom Classic, free of charge.

We worked too hard to make this magic happen ... So let's make it happen.

you had me at "Pilates in paradise"

There's no way I'm missing this madness. From the custom Pilates equipment & all-inclusive luxury accommodation to the curated self-care package & incredibly cool group excursions, I'm all yours. Let's book this bad boy & get this party started.


Catch the DAILY NOONER | hosted live @shebeastco | Mon-Fri @ 12pm Bali time