Feel Yourself

Stop ignoring your needs, denying your deepest desires, and forgetting how powerful and amazing you truly are. 

Rule your anatomy. Take control of your body. Share passionately with your partner. Ask for what you want and don't be embarrassed by what turns you on. 

Know yourself so you can love yourself better than anyone else.

The Bali Kiss® Vibrator


You've got a right to know your body inside and out. And you're not alone. Let's play together.

Q: Is this course exclusively for women or can men enroll, too?

A: The course was created to support all gender identities across the entire spectrum of gender performance. Together, we will explore the biological sexual organs (vagina, penis, pelvic floor) and the ways in which they can be supported and stimulated to promote good sexual health and healthy consensual arousal.

Q: What if I can't make the Zoom calls - is it still worth enrolling in this course?

A: Hell Yes! The live tutorial format is designed to provide you with a safe and interactive space to ask all those questions you've always wanted and also to hear directly from others who share similar thoughts or have different views. The best way to have an honest conversation about sexual pleasure, mental health, and muscular recovery is to do just that - HAVE THE CONVERSATION.

Q: Are you shipping free vibrators all over the world?

That's right, kitten. Buy THE COURSE and receive a free vibrator, shipped directly and discreetly to your door. Course creator Christina Stoltz has already tested the goods for quality control and she gives this pocket rocket two very big thumbs up. As long as your country accepts international mail and you have an actual mailing address, expect to receive your package and get your groove on within 1-2 weeks.We do wholesale! If you are a brand looking to expand your retail scope with the highest quality and sickest Canadian Maplewood Deck produced in a city with one of the strongest skate cultures and stories (Philly, PA), then you have come to the right place. We only work with the wicked, wild, and authentically avant garde. In other words, we don't get down with boring partnerships and we don't design dull decks. Hit us up and let us know how we can help your brand build the boards it deserves.


Say goodbye to yoga girls on mountain tops spouting platitudes on life's beauty and simplicity ... this is not that kind of hustle. A SHEBEAST is a boss, a baller, a takes-no-shit shot caller. It's you on your very best (and very worst) day.