DOWN & DIRTY: THE COURSE | 3-Week Masturbation, Meditation & Myofascial Release Training

Welcome to your new guilty pleasure, a fun and funky wellness experience that doesn't suck. Say goodbye to yoga girls on mountain tops spouting platitudes on life's beauty and simplicity ... this is not that kind of hustle. A SHEBEAST is a boss, a baller, a takes-no-shit shot caller ... it's you on your very best (and very worst) day. Rock that shit.

Our 3-week masturbation, meditation, and myofascial release training is designed to get you off, clear your head, and work you out.

THE COURSE is designed to give all of us stay-at-homers a safe space to explore and learn. It is broken down into 15 live & interactive Zoom tutorials that cover all the things you've ever wanted to know about sex, breath, and bodywork ... but were too afraid to ask. 

In these uncertain and tense times, let's return to the joy of sex, the power of breathe, and the art of movement to help us navigate our new beginning as a global community. It's only through honoring the connection of mind and body that we can conquer our fear and dive deeply and freely into our new future. Sex, Breath, Body - they are the most valuable currency we've got.


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